About Pressure Point

Pressure Point understands and offers solutions for Information Governance and Information Quality issues.  Because, as soon as these aspects of the business are properly addressed, then staff productivity improves, customers are happy, external risks are minimised and your ongoing operational costs are reduced.


What is information governanance?

Information Governance is one of the greatest challenges facing every organization today. The holy grail is to provide the right information in the right place at the right time. And most of us still have a long way to go.

One key question is “Who has responsibility for IM?" It could be any one of a number of people: the CIO, the Business Managers, the Business Process Managers, the Information Architect, the Information Manager.

No wonder the challenges are significant. When it comes to "IM", each person has a different view of the business requirements and priorities for managing different types of information.


What is Information Quality?

Wikipedia defines Information Quality (IQ) as a measure of the value which the infromation provides to the user of that information, therefore it can be perceived as subjective.

The accuracy of data  is an obvious key element of IQ. But other aspects that must be considered include relevance, timeliness, completeness, reputation/trust, objectivity, interpretability, format, accessibility and last but not least, security of access.

Despite living in the 'Informaion Age', very few organisations today apply a realistic value on the data that they hold or recognise that information is a critical tangible asset.

Pressure Point aims to assist organisations to understand the intrinsic value of maintaining good quality data and the processes necessary to deliver high quality information to users, management, partners and customers alike.